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Everywhere you look temperatures are rising. It’s easy to go inside to beat the heat, but what happens if the air conditioning stops working?

Of course, you can always call the repairman, but what will you do until he arrives?

Air conditioning problems always seem to happen during the hottest…

Sailing a yacht is nothing like taking your boat out on the lake.

Yachts require a large staff of well coordinated and expertly trained professionals, that perform a large number of services.

Hiring the right staff for an entire yacht is definitely too much for a single person to handle…

Smiles are important.

They’re one of the first things people notice when they look at someone’s face, and they’re the most obvious indication of a person’s emotional state.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to keep our smiles in perfect condition, and once they start to take damage, it can be…

Having a meal with someone is probably the easiest way to gain their trust (unless they think you’re going to poison them).

In business, the value of a good luncheon is rarely understood.

Studies show that 65% of employees are distracted during regular meetings.

On the flip side, people pay…

There are some things that absolutely everyone has in common, and one of them is that we are only here for a limited amount of time. …

Many people dream of one day moving to a small house in the country, where their own water, power, and other needs are taken care of locally. Even those who don’t dream of a little country home can benefit from the advantages of energy independence.

Whether you want to live…

We hear about credit scores a lot, but do they really matter?

How can improving your score really help?

Improving your credit score doesn’t have to be hard, and it can have a lot of benefits.

Photo by Ibrahim Boran on Unsplash

Here are 9 ways getting your score up can benefit you right now.

1. Employment Opportunities


In a world where something bad is likely to happen, a good deed goes a long way.

For years, people have given their time, effort, and money to help the less fortunate access basic needs.

It’s human nature to label stuff so we decided to call those that lent themselves…

The global economy is ripe with business opportunities and while this creates a better chance for employment, the unemployment numbers outweigh the employment opportunities.

This means that you have to be exceptional to catch an employer’s interest. Otherwise, your application will be lost.

However, having a degree doesn’t always equate…

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