Are You A Recording Artist Struggling To Get Funding For Your Music? These 3 Options Will Help

Photo by Cynthia Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Pien Muller on Unsplash

Seek out an investor

Many businesses have used money from an investor to help them start up. Once all the legal frameworks are in place, you can pitch your music to investors! While this may seem like a risky thing to do, there isn’t much to lose.

Photo by blocks on Unsplash

Apply for a business loan

You might think that taking a business loan is the same as signing with a label but that’s not true. Labels require artists to forfeit the rights to their music and take a cut of the profit and returns for every piece of income that your music generates. All financial institutions care about is getting their money back.

Seek out music grants

This option is often overlooked because the process is tedious and it is highly competitive. However, these grants provide funding for you to do anything you want! And the best part about it is that you don’t have to pay it back.



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