Are You An Aspiring Actor? Here Are 4 Reasons To Get An Agent

Claire Reid
3 min readApr 12, 2021


Actors are a visual representation of global norms and practices. The most celebrated actors have played roles that global audiences have engrafted into pop culture.

Everyone knows Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pit. We’ve probably read their stories to find the formula to reach the heights that they’ve reached too.

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Although many actors attain global success, there is no defined route that they take. It’s a series of opportunities that they made the most of.

They all got to the top through different routes, but they all had one thing in common.

They had an agent.

The following 4 reasons will help you understand the value of an agent to your acting career.

Agents can negotiate on your behalf

In any sector of the entertainment industry, contractual agreements are a staple. Nobody is required to honor their word unless it is written and agreed upon in the presence of lawyers.

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The jargon used to write these agreements might be difficult for you to understand unless you have a legal background.

Agents ensure that you have a good contract and that you are paid at the agreed rate.

Agents can connect you with castings not known to the public

A lot happens behind the scenes. If a director wants to have a private screening of actors for a part, they usually reach out through acting agencies.

This way, they are guaranteed to have their pick of solid actors for the roles in their production.

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If you don’t have an agent, you’ll never know when these castings are happening. This is why it is vital to get one.

Agents can help you chart an action plan for success

Actors might have a plan that they want to follow but agents understand how the industry works.

They can assess your skills and help you chart a plan for success. This includes having you sign up for roles that suit your personality.

They ensure that you go for roles that you can handle and as your career grows, they help you to find ideal circumstances.

The popularity of an agent can propel your career

Sometimes your career will get a boost based on the credibility of your agent. If they’ve found success with other actors, directors will look to them for new talent.

Getting yourself a credible agent may help you to skip several steps in your journey to becoming a household name!

Apart from having a good agent, relocation is important — so you want to be as close to Hollywood as possible.

There are scores of agents and agencies to choose from in Los Angeles. The hard part is choosing the right one, but if you have what it takes, the right agent will find you.



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